Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday - March 29, 2013

The Cross is More

Around the necks of many folks
You’ll see throughout the land
Are links of silver or of gold
Connected in a band.
On these necklaces you’ll see,
At least on quite a few,
A pretty pendant hanging there:
The cross of the King of the Jews.

But the cross is not a decoration;
It isn’t something pretty.
It’s the piece of wood that killed our Lord
It’s vicious, mean, and dirty.

In hymns we sing of this piece of wood
And it sounds like a thing that’s great.
On a hill far away in its ruggedness......
I will cling to it!  I can’t wait!
Or we’ll put one up in our sanctuary
Like some artwork for our eyes.
And sometimes miss that on that cross
Our savior Jesus dies.

The cross is not a decoration;
It’s not beautiful at all
It’s injustice.  It’s brutality.  It is tragedy;
The bitter fruit of Adam’s Fall.

When something’s present all our lives
In culture, church, and home,
It’s hard to see it for what it is......
It’s hard to feel it in our bones......
It doesn’t weigh upon our hearts
Like a dreadful, dead and lifeless stone.

The cross is our redemption, yes!
For Jesus died for you and me.
But let us not forget the cost
That Jesus paid upon that cross.
The cross made out of awful wood
Not gold, bejeweled, but stained with blood.
He suffered pain beyond our ken

So that sinners could be born again.

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